D.A.R.E. to keep cops off donuts

The last time I drove to Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta:

  • I forgot about the time difference (Eastern time zone, an hour later)
  • I drove like a maniac
  • ...when I noticed a state trooper coming in the opposite direction, so I headed for a service road then pulled into someone's driveway, hoping to evade him.
  • I didn't - he took his sweet ass time and handed me a speeding ticket for 77 mph in a 55 mph zone ($220)
  • I finally found a parking spot at the airport, juggled with all my luggage and found out I missed my flight anyway
  • ....and had to reschedule for the moring ($50 fee)
  • Then stayed at the Holiday Inn ($110)

The lesson: invest in a really good radar detector. Bastards.

[I'm hoping today's trip is a little less eventful].

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