There's No Place Like...High School

This sign, which is pocked and marked from flying debris, is the only physical reminder Patrick has from his high school, which was destroyed when an F5 tornado hit it in March 2007. Eight students were killed, crushed from the collapsed roof and walls of the Science Wing.

Truthfully, I wondered how he'd get through Elementary School with all his stubborness and disruptive antics, regularly being kicked off the bus and spending so much time in the Principal's office, but tonight's graduation ceremony marks the official end of his public school career. Commencement speaker, First Lady Laura Bush, will be on hand, attempting to impart some wisdom to the EHS Class of 2008.

Will I feel sad watching him walk across that stage? Or will the joy of getting his crap out of my house, taking his key and changing the locks, completely overshadow any empty-nest thoughts I might be inclined to have? Woo hoo! [I'm kidding!]


Click It or Ticket

A case of Bud Light must weigh the same as a small child because my car's annoying, beeping reminder every thirty seconds to insert the passenger's seat belt won't stop until I buckle up that beer. Safety First.


Is That Tat Taken?

Sadly, Tiffany and I did not get matching day-after-Cinco-de-Mayo sister ankh tattoos on our wrists because the 'artist' was giving off such a negative vibe. Truth be told, it was more of an asshole vibe.

Since we already have the same Q family crest tattoos on our shoulders, we thought it would be a hysterical grand finale if I were to also get the same sun on my ankle that she has because really, how many matching tattoos can two sisters have?


Drama Catalyst

Last fall, I stopped dating Crazy Dan when his long distance girlfriend, Lise, contacted me about their relationship. We hatched all sorts of devious plans to officially bust him, but after she forwarded all our emails to him, I just eased my way out of any dealings with both of them. Until yesterday.

Dan and Lise were recently engaged, so she's been hoping to strike up some sort of friendship with me since she'll be moving to town. They invited me over for drinks, and I can safely say I harbor no ill feelings great enough to pass up free alcohol.

It was awkward for about 6 minutes. After that, we sat out on the patio and laughed, had great conversation and genuine fun. Lise and I are very similar in looks and interests - I could see how Dan would be torn between us.

Around 11:00 pm, Team Drama took over.

Dan (to Lise): I KNEW you were still a lesbian...!
Lise (to Dan): And I knew you were still in love with her...!
Me (to myself, rather awkwardly as they started fighting and throwing stuff): Uh...I'll just take this beer and let myself out. You guys have a good night...

Lise called today to apologize, told me they had broken up, and asked if I wanted to go to the beach sometime.