Is That Tat Taken?

Sadly, Tiffany and I did not get matching day-after-Cinco-de-Mayo sister ankh tattoos on our wrists because the 'artist' was giving off such a negative vibe. Truth be told, it was more of an asshole vibe.

Since we already have the same Q family crest tattoos on our shoulders, we thought it would be a hysterical grand finale if I were to also get the same sun on my ankle that she has because really, how many matching tattoos can two sisters have?


Darren said...

having a hard time not saying something pervy about matching tattoos and a set of sisters.

I need a few minutes...


Anonymous said...

Congratulate Tiff on the pins.

p.s. at what stage do you dispose of her and inherit her birth certificate?

Colleen said...

Darren: I knew you could do it! ;)

Monty: since 40 is the new 20, I get to do all this stuff WITHOUT the stress of wondering when I'm going to have a family, etc...she probably wants MY birth certificate... ;)