There's No Place Like...High School

This sign, which is pocked and marked from flying debris, is the only physical reminder Patrick has from his high school, which was destroyed when an F5 tornado hit it in March 2007. Eight students were killed, crushed from the collapsed roof and walls of the Science Wing.

Truthfully, I wondered how he'd get through Elementary School with all his stubborness and disruptive antics, regularly being kicked off the bus and spending so much time in the Principal's office, but tonight's graduation ceremony marks the official end of his public school career. Commencement speaker, First Lady Laura Bush, will be on hand, attempting to impart some wisdom to the EHS Class of 2008.

Will I feel sad watching him walk across that stage? Or will the joy of getting his crap out of my house, taking his key and changing the locks, completely overshadow any empty-nest thoughts I might be inclined to have? Woo hoo! [I'm kidding!]


Slick said...

LOL....woohooo! You did give him a 2 week eviction notice first, right?

No? You're SOL now girl.

Congrats on his graduation!!

Anonymous said...

At least pretend to be sad for a week or two but do not offer to do his washing, even if he smells. The attractive forces of free, no effort laundry are just too strong for the new adult male.

junquedujour said...

ah bullshit CQ! you'll be in fetal position on the end of his bed, bawling your eyes out, slobbering all over his mattress before week's end.
the good news with empty nest syndrome, comes more room in the fridge for beer.

the mouse said...

all of the above...not much REALLY changes yanno...other than they no longer HAVE to get their asses outta bed before noon. Congrats...you survived!

AlabamaGal said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation!

P.S. Yes, the one kitty cat has grown a lot and the other one is coming around. If they are boys, I think they should be named David and Goliath. HAHAHA


Colleen said...

Slick: I'm allowed to post-date child eviction notices...it must be in the by-laws somewhere!

Monty: believe it or not, he's been doing his own laundry for years - he's a particular little shit!

Brenda: I'll miss being able to confiscate his beer, though...

Mouse: since they shared the campus with the community college, his ass hasn't been up before noon all year!

Michelle: thanks!