Why I will never again say, "try not to get in trouble at school today, eh?"

"Mom, aren't you relieved I was suspended from school today?"

Relieved isn't half of it. Wednesday afternoon I thought the punishment a bit severe - detention seemed like a more viable option for getting up in the middle of PE class and ignoring the teacher's request to sit down.

Thursday, during the two-hour drive home from work, with twisted, uprooted trees dotting the landscape, rescue workers and concerned parents on every corner, I cried from relief. Sitting in the dark with no electricity, cable, phone or internet seemed like such a tiny inconvenience after the storm.


Anonymous said...

as you know by now, I'm extremely thankful you and the spawn are ok.

see any munchkins?

and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

the wiz

junquedujour said...

I'm so relieved that you and the yungin are safe -- and aren't ya glad you raised such an defiant one? ;)

Candy~ said...

I'm glad you both are safe.

CQ said...

Pook: click your heels 3X and tell me how many new grey hair you have!

Junq: Maybe I could get suspended from work next bout of horrible weather?

Candy: you and me both!