Alimony in Meow Mix

The quickest, shortest, easiest route to my heart? Via a 20-pack of Bud Light (in bottles) left on the stoop where I feed the feral cats, accompanied by a note that says, "Forgive me?"

Sometimes my ex-boss and I act like an old divorced couple. We rarely agree about work responsibilities, I nag, and he yells hurtful things. Fortunately, though, we both have crappy memories and love cats, because he agreed to feed mine while I'm IN TUCSON FOR A BUSINESS CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK!! WOOOOOOOO! (I've noticed this "woooo" slips past my lips every time I mention it).


Lorna said...

Never having been but having just spent some time researching the economy of Tucson in order to write some keyword content I can honestly say that Tucson doesn't seem like a "Woo hoo" type of place. I hope you have a good time anyway. Great after the storm pictures by the way...they do make me feel bad that I was bitching about the snow again this morning. I guess snow isn't so bad when compared to that type of weather event. I'm glad that everyone is safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

a ha!!! i found you once again!! I love your blogs...stop running from me!!!

wiz's wench :)

CQ said...

Lorna: have you BEEN to southern Alabama? Anyplace, including Kansas, would be a "woo hoo" type of place! ;)

Wiz's wench: think of it as a treasure hunt with...well, me, as the gooey center.

soxie with moxie said...

and what a yummy center it is!!!

David said...

I saw Tuscon and I read Tuscan. Not as exciting but surely you will have a great time.

CQ said...

Soxie: nutty and chewy, with a slight alcoholic aftertaste?

David: oh, trust me, if this conference was in Tuscany, I'd be beside myself with excitement (and plotting about how to get out of the actual WORK portion).