Black(jack) Celebration

I fell in love with Tuscon the moment I laid eyes on my first 'Desert Diamond Casino - 2 miles' sign.

Just like other obsessive relationships, psychological warfare was employed and I was able to think of nothing else except my beloved Blackjack (which makes for a rather awkward work conference: HIT ME!). I won $100, which would be great if I hadn't acted like a hillbilly and spent $600 at the mall, but a girl's gotta have shoes, ya' know.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, shoes...the necessity of life. I think i'd still buy shoes if i didn't have feet. I am just that sick.

the daffodil mouse

junquedujour said...

yep, gotta have shoes
hope they show your toes

not that I am into women's feet or anything

paint the nail a deep purple tho, k? ;)

CQ said...

Daffodil mouse: thankfully, we only have two feet. ;)

Brenda: heels and sandals, for the best of both worlds. Great call on the deep purple!