Cry Baby Cry

Ever cry so hard your arms shake and you can't be bothered to turn your head or wipe the tears, so they roll down your neck and stomach before they're absorbed by your waistband? And when you're frustrated because you can't cry harder, you kick the metal gutter alongside a building and possibly break two freakishly long toes?

Me neither.


JustJock said...

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I have done that very thing...minus the toe breaking.

Kelly said...

Don't cry. Whatever is making you so sad, it'll be ok.

On the other hand, sometimes nothing beats an emotional meltdown. I had one recently, but mine came out more like an angry frustrated swearing, eek of tears.


junquedujour said...

So, is now a good time to collect on the "chilled vodka, while licking lemon and sugar off a good friend" ?

call me ;)

junquedujour said...

where are you? getting all revved up for St. Patty's ?

you okay?

junquedujour said...

dammit! did you take a vacation and forget to pack me along?

CQ said...

Jock: apparently I should go back to steel-toe boots.

Kelly: that's exactly what it was: tears of frustration, anger and hurt ego. Quite a lovely cocktail. I hope yours was as rewarding.

Brenda: I'm packing now - grab your bikini and come along. :)