Route 66?

There's a billboard near a freeway on-ramp in Michigan with a picture of Jesus that says, "Are you on the right road?"

My Uncle Brian sarcastically feigns suprise and confusion, "What? Isn't this I-75 North?"

I have flown out of so many airports across the country, I'm quite sure I could find each and every one of them without a savior billboard. Eventually. Unfortunately, my internal clock runs on beach time and that pesky compass of mine is broken. I did break my four year streak of missing every flight booked, but just barely, pulling up at the gate with twenty-two minutes to spare.

After I arrived in Tucson, the gentleman at Hertz asked if I had a car preference. I told him anything American would be fine, but when he couldn't find any keys, he upgraded my rental car to a new, red, convertible Mustang with Sirius Satellite radio at no extra cost. Does it get any better than that?


Kelly said...

I had no idea my dad did that, but somehow I'm not surprised. :)

Just thought you should know that the only business trip I went on alone for work, the rental car?

A red mustang convertabile. Granted, I was in Springfield Missouri at a Hud property. But I had a Mustang, a company credit card, and room service at my disposal.

Enjoy Tuscan. It's 35 degrees here in ye ole Michigan.


JustJock said...

Now that I know what you're driving, I'll meet you at Colors, on Speedway. We've missed happy hour, though, so maybe you'd just like to hit the desert with a sixpack and some tequila. wear that white linen dress.

rain said...

If my hair looked like yours, I'd probably get alot more perks! Sounds like you're doing great.. I'm glad.

Sarah said...

Just honk the horn when you get to my driveway, no need to come to the door

CQ said...

Kelly: I hope you had better luck figuring out how to get the top back on! (it's only in the 70's here) ;)

Jock: I waited for an hour then headed to the casino... ;)

Rain: thankfully it's short - the wind doesn't do much for the 'do. Nice to see you again!

Sarah: for you, I'll honk twice ;)