Hollah! Mada'in Saleh

Hike, sweat, climb, repeat. Our weekend girls camping trip* to Mada'in Saleh (Al-Hijr), a pre-Islamic archeological site in Saudi Arabia, was amazing! (AMAZING!). This is the largest conserved site of the Nabataean civilization south of Petra in Jordan and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

*These are not words I've ever used together. Or separately. 

While this was a wonderful learning and bonding experience, I have to say I've upped my survivable maximum temperature number to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. And when you think you couldn't possibly get any hotter? Throw on a black polyester abaya to hold in all your body heat from the neck down.

Watch my movie trailer:  Mada'in Saleh. 
Trust me, there will be way less sweat involved this way.