Seems "Crazy Dan" is in a bit of a pickle

A month ago: after two dates (and perhaps some saki), Dan told me he loved me and suggested we go to Las Vegas to get married. Proposing to a virtual stranger is one thing; telling them you love them? Freaks. Me. Out. I warned him, told him to stop with the nonsense because, truthfully, I was just looking for a fun drinking partner that didn't live too far away.

3 weeks ago: Dan & I met my sister Tiffany and her most recent/probably-soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend for drinks and got into a huge fight that included a stony-silent drive home. Correction: HE got into a huge fight because I was disrespectful by letting her tell a story about a man I had kissed in a bar. Forgive my lack of omnipotence, but am I really supposed to control everyone else's stories? He said he didn't want to see me again, I casually said, "fine, whatever", but when he called the next day to apologize and begged me to go to the beach for the weekend, I agreed.

2 weeks ago: he dumped me again because I couldn't tell him if he was wasting his time with me. I told him I no longer wanted to ride his bipolar express when he pleaded with me to go away for the weekend, like nothing had happened, a few days later.

The plot thickens: apparently Crazy Dan has been dating a woman, Lise, off and on for the past year. She contacted me through a mutual friend because she wasn't sure I was aware that he was already in a relationship. When we realized he'd proposed to and asked BOTH of us to go to Ohio over Thanksgiving to meet his family, it became a "you can have him", "no, you take him" battle for the roller-coaster drama queen.

Lise and I have been emailing back and forth, sending photos, and exchanging ideas for the perfect confrontation. She's amazing - an intelligent, funny, animal crusading cutie. Truthfully, I like her much more than I ever liked Crazy Dan. Oh, this is gonna be good...


bendersbetterbrother said...

Please take a video camera.

p.s. Can we get married straight after when you're free.

Candy~ said...

Maybe you should marry Lise, seems men are just too hard to deal with.

Haphazardkat said...

oh mannnnn I so wanna be a fly on that confrontation wall!!! ha ha ha :D

Darren said...

is this the car salesman? Maybe he was trying out different models to compare before he bought... or maybe just a jerk.

Wiz's Wench said...

i think you and Lisa should date but BOTH show up for thanksgiving. :)

AlabamaGal said...

Dan's going to learn a lesson...a much deserved one!

Rule #1 Don't propose to TWO women

Rule #2 Don't invite two women to meet your family.

Sheesh Crazy Dan! LOL


Sarah said...

To be polite, you should both bring a covered dish. I have some great recipes you can use.

Slick said...

Dan is in a crap load of trouble....

Wish you could videotape the confrontation ;)

stephen said...

I can understand why this guy comes across like a freak, but I'm bipolar too and it sort of bummed me out to hear the reference. I know it was important because it seems to be the best reference to him. Hope your doing well Quindigo and that life isn't treating you crappy. I've missed you know. ;)

AlabamaGal said...

Hi Quindigo, Just dropping in to say hi and hope you are well. I miss your entries! :)


Say Anything said...

Monty: I've gotten over my fear. Should I move there, or are you coming here?

Candy: in the end, she was the pathological liar. Who knew women were capable of such deceipt?

Haphazard: we never reached the confrontation finale...the best laid plans, etc.

Darren: the car salesman was last month. Keep up! ;)

Wiz's Wench: he finally picked the best date - his son!

Michelle: how great it feels not to be on the receiving end of all this "lesson learning"!

Sarah: haha...I was thinking cookies or cupcakes, but you may be right.

Slick: coming soon to a youtube near you...

Stephen: are you kidding? How could I not love bipolar people? My best friend and half my family share the trait, but I'm sorry if it came across uncomplimentary. He lashed back by calling me a "whore and an alcoholic", though, so it all worked out in the end.

Michelle: I've been SLACKING, but I'm back!