Party of three?

The great part about losing your expensive sunglasses in the Gulf of Mexico while drunk is that you might spend an hour in the water looking for them, while doing back flips and hand stands and nearly drowning, then wake up the next morning, wondering if you've lost your glasses (all over again).

What was supposed to be a "sister weekend" in Destin, Florida turned into a "sister plus one boyfriend weekend" instead. Oddly enough, it wasn't uncomfortable or awkward in the least - she actually has great taste AND he picked the most amazing restaurants so I might be forever indebted.
There was quite a bit of feral cat drama at work last week involving military police cruising our street to find the saboteur of the metal cat traps. The director of my division was notified of my "possible" involvement, so tomorrow's either going to be a "ha ha, that's so funny" or a "pack your stuff and get out" kind of day. The suspense is killing me.


terri said...

feral cat drama...hmmm.

I will be hoping for the hahathatissofunny
kind of day.

Your rebel attitude is so catchy...LOVE it!


j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by to say: Well, if it's a 'pack your shit and get out' kind of day that will leave you much more time to get drunk and look for your sunglasses. So either way, you'll probably drunk.


Darren said...

I guess that means the cat is out of the bag, er trap or something. dunno

btw:arrived at the hotel finally at 11:30 pst. So far I am liking it out here.

junquedujour said...

the good news is that if you are outta there, you can always go back to Biloxi for FREE DRINKS
and seriously, what else does one need?


bendersbetterbrother said...

Portishead, good choice. I hear they have a new album due soon.

Say Anything said...

Terri: it appears not everyone shares my sense of humour...

J.E.: Win-win?

Darren: finally! Just don't come back with a boyfriend ;)

Brenda: jobs ARE seriously over rated.

Monty: about DAMN TIME! (yay!)

rain said...

Soooo... cat got your tongue? (sorry)
What happened at work? T