All Things Must Pass

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be George Harrison...not his wife, his manager or psycho fan club president, but the man himself . In the bylaws of reincarnation, there was a way we could both share the talented body and sensitive mind of the youngest, quietest Beatle.
  • For 24 years now, I have celebrated George Harrison's birthday every February 25th. 
  • I had two cats, George and Ringo, when I was a teen.
  • The Beatles song Long, Long, Long is my earliest musical memory.
  • I forged his signature perfectly and did so on all my parental permission slips in high school.
  • I taped and watched his interview on VHI 2 or 3...or 47 times (an interesting sidenote: Ravi Shankar's daughter is Norah Jones).
  • When he died, in 2001, I didn't leave my house for 3 days. I mourned the loss of this talented songwriter...a man whose voice could make me cry...a man who would rather garden and jam with his friends...a man whose wife left him for his best friend (Eric Clapton) and they STAYED friends!
  • His ashes may be in the Ganges River...and Kasey Kasum isn't around, but I have a long distance dedication: play Something, Here Comes the Sun, While My guitar Gently Weeps, My Sweet Lord...and absorb some GEORGE

P.S. If you're curious, the Beatles song Long, Long, Long will fit 23 times in a row on a cd-r.

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