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We were all sitting around/goofing off in the office Friday morning when my boss said he'd like to start a photo journal of run-down schools standing next to elaborate churches to show how our priorities, as a society, are backwards and that religious organizations should have to pay taxes like everyone else. A co-worker chimed in that she didn't think people without children should have to pay taxes (children are our future, who cares if you birthed them? Do you really want our country run by a bunch of ignorant adults?), though she suggested a flat tax of 10% on every purchase so illegal aliens would have to contribute to our social programs.

Belated note to self: avoid conversations about religion, politics, and especially BOTH.

We're both liberal, so I generally agree with him, but when my boss said he cheated on his taxes every year because everyone else did, I was stunned (and for the record, no one I know cheats on their taxes). I wasn't trying to be rude, judgemental or even snotty, but I said, "Hm. That surprises me. I thought you had more integrity than that." Try saying that if you ever want to end a conversation immediately, because it came to a screeching halt as he stomped out of the office.

I walked outside to call my sister, and was leaving a voice message as he walked past, "Mumble, mumble...integrity. Try looking in a fucking mirror!"

Since I wasn't exactly sure what he said, or if he was even talking to me, I said, "Excuse me?" but he didn't reply. He just got in his car and peeled out.

I try to be a bigger person (sometimes), I really do, but my fingers on a keyboard don't always have a filter. I decided I should email him an apology, and told him I was sorry that he felt the need to overreact, which a friend told me was arrogant and snarky - I should have just left it. Sigh. Two co-workers down, seven to go.


Travel Italy said...

You committed the unforgiveable sin, you told someone who considers himself "in the right", even "righteous", that perhaps his actions we not in line with what he professes.

How dare you!?!

CQ said...

TI: I should probably just learn to keep my mouth shut/fingers off the keyboard since I made the situation worse, though.

Travel Italy said...

So you build up frustrations. I understand that work is important and you do not want to create an uncomfortable situation in a place where you must spend 8 hours a day however, if you can afford to risk it you may find you eliminate alot of stress.

I am not a good one to talk. My job is highly politicized. I have to find innovative ways to express negative opinions without allowing others to expressly understand that I do not agree with their thoughts or actions.

CQ said...

TI: I think it's important to speak up when you find something objectionable, and it's not generally an issue since my work is a very casual atmosphere. I suppose it was disappointment on my part, more than anything.