Yo. Yo.

In two weeks...I'll start my new job!

My negotiating skills? Suck. Auto dealers, salesmen, real estate agents and flea market vendors love me because I never try to get the price down. If it seems fair, I pay it. Last time another company took over our contract and I was offered a smaller salary than expected, I cried and decided to quit because 'counter offer' was a foreign concept.

This time? I asked for 25% more money than I currently make, never realistically expecting them to offer it. They did. And when the woman from HR explained some of the benefits package, I asked if vacation time was negotiable, to which she replied "sure" and added another week. Just like that. She probably pays too much for new cars, too, I'll bet. Suckah!


Carol Q said...

I am so happy for you. Is the job nearby or will it be longer travelling? Will Sam be onsite or just in and out of town? Will you be doing basically the same thing? Are you in charge of others? That's my girl! Can't wait to hear more.

CQ said...

Mom: The job is 2 streets over from my current one (WOOOOO!). There should be three of us, but our project manager and the rest of the company will stay in Baton Rouge. I think I'll be having more responsibility and POWER, but basically similar material. I HOPE I'm not in charge of others!

Best of all? 401k!