I am so incredibly irked at Northwest Airlines and their malfunctioning air carriers right now! Rage-filled, am I!

Last week, we (somehow) arrived at the airport in Montgomery on time, only to discover that Northwest had cancelled our flights and rebooked the next day at dawn's early light. We spontaneously decided to drive two hours further, to Atlanta, because we are nothing, if not a family bonded together by spontaneous road trips. Two of our rescheduled tickets were upgraded to first class, which made the extra travel more tolerable. Free drinks and extra-large leather seats go a long way.

Quin-la-palooza was fantastic, and Patrick stayed an extra week in Michigan bonding with my parents. I was driving up to Montgomery to pick him up tonight, when he called to tell me his flight had been cancelled. I'm all for adventure and spending quality time apart, but stranding my 18-year old son in Memphis, Tennessee? Irreprehensible.

When they say "it's not the destination, but the journey",  I'm guessing they never flew Northwest Airlines.


the daffodil mouse said...

someday...when i can do it without using the 'f' word a hundred times, i will tell you about my adventures thru Philly and the 3hour tarmac tour last winter.

flying is such a pain in the ass, i'm moving just so i don't have to fly so much!!!

junquedujour said...

So far I have found the friendly skies of United to be the best. My trip to AK was via Northwest and although the flights were not canceled, the attendants were miserably rude .

Darren said...

ugh that sucks. I have a full week of travel coming up where I have to visit 4 cities in 5 days from tampa to charlotte to bloomington, to toledo and all the bookings were a PIA. I can only hope that all goes well.

AlabamaGal said...

What a pain in the booty. We had major issues with LAN Chile airline our first trip to Chile. They tried to say they did not have seats for us and everyone we dealt with was rude.So if you ever fly to South America, choose another airline!
We usually fly Delta.


Haphazardkat said...

*spits to the side*

Colleen said...

Daffodil mouse: yeah, I'm thinking the trick is to move someplace so great that everyone wants to travel to see YOU...

Brenda: I don't think I've ever flown United...they can't be any worse!

Darren: What's up? You're going on tour?

Michelle: Yeah, overseas flights have their share of headaches, too...at least they feed you, right?

Kat: this is normally a "no spitting" zone, but I'll let this one slide... ;)

stephen said...

Quindigo -

Oh I HATE Northwest, that's why when ever I can I fly out of Bishop on AirTran to Atlanta then it's about an hour drive to my Dad's place near Rome, GA. At least they bumped you up to first class, that's always good. I LOVE first class - had a drink on my table all the way from Atlanta to Flint thank you very much, it made flying that much more fun! LOL :)

Miss you -

Haphazardkat said...

I spat to the side! It landed on some other persons blog--hehehe

junquedujour said...

did you get lost?

Slick said...

Hey Q!

Did he at least get it upgraded on a later flight??

That sucks, BIG time

akwoman said...

dammit, 2 trys to leave a smartass comment. you truly make me lol. thank you, kc aka ak woman