The ed is the beginning is the ed.

I saw an email in my inbox the other day, "Get rid of ED".

A little presumptuous, I thought, to assume I wanted to off my ex-husband. He's kind of large - wouldn't there be evidence? I clicked it open, only to discover Ed is more commonly referred to as 'erectile dysfunction'. The things you learn.

I had always heard that recovery time from a divorce is equal to half the time you were married, but a little rejection goes a long way: I'm ahead of schedule by about 2 years. My (non-ED) boyfriend and I recently celebrated our year anniversary and I did not even freak out. Not even a little. I've been through enough cheap, crazy, cheating, lying toads - I deserve this.


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising...or at least not shit. Make sure you remember to give yourself some credit for that, on both counts.

TiffanyBerry said...

That spam mail will get you every time. I once had an important message from Tara. I opened to find out this "tara" character had read my tarot cards... and to click the following link to find out my future.

kittycat said...

That was too freakin funny.
AS for recovering from a divorce or even a relationship where you were in love and the other didnt feel the same. I think it does take for ev er!

Good luck with the new guy.

New here


flooz said...

I was accidentally listening to a radio program by a urologist. A guy called in and said he was now a "eunuch" following prostate surgery, and he wasn't dealing with that well. I felt sympathetic with him, but the doc had some encouraging medical ideas for him. At almost the end of the program, the caller said he is 82. WHAT!!!!! I'm still furious. Although I guess it's not his fault that none of the guys I wanted are still living.

But I'm real happy you're happy (I THINK that's what you were saying). Glad you got a good one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Colleen,I've been reading the Quinlans for many months now after being invited by Tony. I love your slightly snarky sense of humor,makes me laugh! And I can say even without knowing you for (thirty?thirty five?)years that yes, you do deserve a good one!
and I,like you I think,color co-ordinate my closet and love cats!

terri said...

My heart just smiled for you right through my face.

If there is anyone I love that deserves a one year anni full of good things, it's you.


Anonymous said...

yes you DO. Now enjoy it!

ColleenQ said...

It's so sweet of all of you to agree with me!

Dee: "slightly snarky" - I love that! I would, actually, color coordinate my cats if I could. I'm really glad you're part of our family again after all these years. :)

Erin Q. Hartman said...

Your much happier not married... you have way too much to offer, and if they don't get who you are... then they have lost big time.
Divorce it just happens.....if they are not the one...Ed wasn't the one!.. Your an incredible women.. celabrate you!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Small steps.

kittycatlane said...

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