Days like This

Worse than flying to Tucson, taking a shuttle to a trailer in the middle of the desert in order to rent a miniature Nissan car with manual windows and no cruise controls, was losing the damn thing at the casino the following night. (At least I knew no one had stolen it.)


Laoch of Chicago said...

I like that you ended up at the casino.

Carol Q said...

Hope your luck at the Casino was better than with the baby Nissan. Sure wish I had joined you there - it is still snowing in Michigan. Yeah spring.

CausedByKarma said...

"a miniature Nissan car"

wow and ya didn't even lose it at the tables, eh? no takers is my guess ;-)

TQ said...

Desert set ups are quite spartan for sure. No cruise would have been the final straw.

flooz said...

Hoping you are alright!

ColleenQ said...

Laoch: my mistake was going back the rest of the week.

Mom: maybe next year?

Brenda: who wants manual roll up windows and door locks? Seriously?

TQ: think of all the beer we could've had if I'd won!

Flooz: the damage was north of me, thankfully. Our small town has had more than it's share.