Dell's Bells

When my HP desktop crashed THREE TIMES for no explicable reason other than the possible alignment of Saturn and Venus, their not-so-English-speaking-customer service department sent me a box so I could fed-ex the computer that time forgot to them in California. They replaced the hard drive and eventually mailed it back to me - a week and a half later.

My current soulmate, a Dell laptop that's still under warranty, lost/misplaced two letters off the keyboard (completely cat-related, of course, as one was trying to jump on my lap, his claw gripped the keyboard and pulled as he tried desperately to stay attached, but gravity won instead*), so I was thinking they could send a few letters? P and 0? Nah, they sent a whole new keyboard PLUS a cute, tiny screwdriver.

*this reminds me of my boss, who insists that if you throw dice, the number three will come up most often and believes that he knows, from research, the luckiest numbers for the Florida state lottery to eventually win. I keep telling him statistically, the odds of each number is the same. He can refuse to believe in statistics and gravity, but they're still there, regardless.

My laptop screen occasionally blinks, so I thought I could find out if it was covered under the warranty, which it is. A technician came to my house, cleaned the connections and replaced the video card. Two months later, it did it a few times again, so another technician arrived the next day with a brand new screen.

I can't get over this customer service...Budweiser needs something similar.


Tony said...

Really a rush when you open your blog, and it has great music kicking off the reading.
Dell has been getting bad mouthed pretty heavily by consumers reports and other area of consumer publications, perhaps they are startiing to read their mail and realize it is a lot harder to ciimb up from the bottom that to keep themselves from sliding to it. did you get the letter I sent you?

Girl Long Gone said...

God I love you!!!! I am catching up on your blog.

CQ said...

Tone: turns out the postal workers weren't slacking, but I was!

Girl: Yah! Nice to see you again :)

Tony said...

Thank you, the world is clearer now.