Raindrops on roses and eyedrops in kittens

I take my "stupid" pills daily, like a good multivitamin, but this weekend I threw caution to the wind and consumed the entire bottle.

A major SUCKAH for cats, I accidentally ended up with six at home after one disappeared (read here). And at work? I've been feeding an average of ten cats since around October, when we discovered abandoned kittens under one of our storage units. That number has steadily increased, and with the birth of a few more batches, it's up to around twenty. About two weeks ago, I saw a cute little kitten with one brown eye, one blue, and named her Bowie. She was one of the more tame ones, occasionally allowing me to pet her.

When I went in Saturday morning, I noticed her brown eye was closed, with pus and drainage making it impossible for her to open it, so I drove her over to my veternarian, who said it could be a viral or bacterial infection that's caused such a deep lesion. He gave me antibiotics for the eye, antifungal for her ringworm, told me to keep her separated from my animals if I was taking her home, then bring her back Tuesday to see if she's improving.

She looked so lost and pathetic, sitting in the cat carrier in my bathroom by herself, but I didn't want to take her back to work since I have to give her medicine four times a day. I did the only logical thing: went back to work and nabbed her sister. The two of them are living like fat cats.

Captive audience:


Dwayne said...

&cir &cir
How did this happen?

Trebor said...

I'd be curious as to the reasoning for using Bourbon St. as the header for a blog referencing Italy.

I'm male, and as such, not privy to the workings of the female mind to any great degree, even though I was raised in a family of women and have -- in a lifetime filled with debauchery -- had more than my share of them (not family members, of course). Apparently, I need elucidation, or a glass of bourbon on the rocks. You decide.

Solsbury Hill, eh? Your take? About Jesus, childhood, or merely a song about his leaving Genesis?

Personally, I prefer "In Your Eyes."

In your eyes
the light the heat
I am complete...

...Oh, I want to be that complete
I want to touch the light
the heat I see...

In your eyes

CQ said...

Dwayne: Parallel universe?

Trebor: The Bourbon St. header...just because I liked it.

Solsbury Hill is a song that reminds me of childhood - it broke up the monotony of Bob Dylan and old country. It also reminds me of my parents, as my mom used to play this "give minimal clues" game that went something like:

mom: what's that song? by that guy? about the eagle?
me or my dad: Solsbury Hill?
mom: YEAH! That's it!

Both songs are quite wonderfully perfect in different ways. :)