In the queue

My sister and I share an unusual (morbid?) habit of saving the most recent voicemails from people we care about, in case something horrible should happen and we never hear from them again.

Currently, from our dad: "Just wondered if you had daylight saving's down there. We're really enjoying ours up here. Talk to ya' later."

From me, in the parking lot of a bar, playing undercover agent/matchmaker last weekend: "Yeah. You know the guy with that baby*? Well, he said that when he dates girls your age (24-25), they tend to get freaked out because he has a baby, and he asked if you would. I told him I didn't think so, but on second thought, I bet you would, so maybe you could sneak out to the parking lot and let me know so...god, I'm drunk. Nevermind."

*that baby is the one we saw on a Razr phone that a stranger had left on our table, not an actual baby in the bar. Everyone knows you can't take your kids to the bar until they're at least ten, unless a few of their cousins and/or pinball machines are there, or that would just be weird.


Kelly said...

haha, CQ.

I'm laughing for a few reasons.

A. I do the same thing with voicmails.
B. My dad calls to say wierd things so he won't have say I miss you.
C. Shane and I used to hang out at the B1 all the time eating cheese popcorn and playing pinball, and I was 8.

TQ said...

I'm litterly laughing out loud in the library! *That baby! Who puts their baby into a cell phone? We all know those things are for cats and flower pictures!!

CQ said...

Kelly: we really should have had our own family section at the B1, huh? Er, wait...maybe we did. ;)

TQ: I may have been drunk, but I definitely recall thinking, "who the hell puts their baby on a cell phone...?" You don't think people think the same when they see Meadow or Crackhead? Nahhhh....