Stumbling across my religion

Martha Stewart's herb-roasted turkey recipe calls for rosemary, thyme and lemon zest, so I managed to scrounge up some chives and oregano, then stuffed orange wedges down the headless neck. And? It was the best turkey I have ever tasted (which is a relief since there are only two of us eating 12.23 pounds of meat, translating to approximately eight pounds per each of us). And, no holdiay oven fire - score!

I had a dinner date last night with Christian*, a younger guy I know from work. I felt an instant connection when I met him last May, but assumed he was in a relationship since he never asked me out (oh, the ego!).

*My cell phone automatically corrected his name to "Christianity" when I entered the text into my address book. I find it amusing, in an Are you there, God, it's me, Margaret kind of way.

Turns out he was taking a time out (a year) from women because when he tried to take the knife away from his last girlfriend, who was trying to slice her wrist, she stabbed him. Sounds like the perfect training camp for a relationship with me. He also owns a coke machine, but rigged it to dispense Bud Light. Be still, my lush heart.


Darren said...

Sounds like your christmas present has arrived.

stephen said...

Thanksgiving for us was pretty good, we only had six people to attend too which is a good number. BTW - I love the song, brings back memories. ;)

AlabamaGal said...

Yum, sounds like delicious turkey!

I hope the dinner date went well and I look forward to hearing about more of your "new religion". :P

Happy Belated Thanksgiving sweety!
(and amen to the being thankful for blogger instead of crazy msn)


Say Anything said...

Darren: is that a bow? Or is he just happy to see me? ;)

Stephen: Six might be five too many for me, but I'm glad it worked out for you... ;)

Michelle: Thanks, hon!

junquedujour said...

You never cease to amaze me.

I record her daily now ya know. Hasn't helped any, but she's easy to drink to :)

I am going to try my hand with wild duck tomorrow. I've got pork chimichangas lined up just in case.

Kelly said...

I will stay quiet on the MAC front. You know where I stand. :)

I hope everyone comes home for a family reunion in June too. If I get lucky enough to move away, I'll come back.

Hugs and Kisses
Super 6