You say you want to be a supervisor?

After what I like to refer to as my "Crazy June Melt Down" (June - the month of Gemini's. Coincidence?), I came up with the ingenious plan of working in Iraq for one year starting next summer. Patrick would be in college, or hanging out in my carport building speaker boxes, or out in the world somewhere and I could take a year, working nonstop in the miserable heat (12 hours on, 12 hours off x 7 days/week), which would probably lead to massive weight loss, waiting for an "honorable" death. Life insurance doesn't pay if you kill yourself, you see, and I wouldn't want Patrick and my cats to lose their home.

Yes, I'm slightly twisted and always thoughtful, but apparently not transparent, because just about everyone, including my therapist*, thought it was good to have a plan. Something to shoot for. A reason to live.

*during our first of two sessions, he told me I was too intelligent for therapy. He asked me what the plan was...did I want medication? Someone to talk to? What did I have in mind? He also pointed out that I would be a hot little commodity in Iraq, given the male:female ratio. Eventhough we hit it off immediately, I didn't get much out of our gabfest, though I did follow his suggestion to try Michelob Ultra as a tasty low-carb beer.


I've been at my current job for one year (which means my replacement had been at her job for one year, until she was fired on Monday for selling crack cocaine!). Our office is located in Baton Rouge, six hours away, which was okay when there were four of us, but now that our staff has been doubled to eight, some powers-that-be decided it might be a good idea if we had supervision and guidance of some sort. Enter my new promotion: onsite supervisor, pay raise 25%, then another cost of living raise in January.

It's more than the money...it's the power and future asskissings I look forward to the most. Just kidding. It's really about the money.


bendersbetterbrother said...

That wasn't rhetorical, right?

Anyway, have I told you lately how attractive your bank account/credit limit is?

Haphazardkat said...

OOooo best start working on those butt muscles to become the appropriate tight ass that others have to kiss :D

Neil Tennant said...

Wait, wait, wait, we need to set goals?

Slick said...

WoooHooo...a pay raise??

Did I mention I'm broke this week?? ;)

Candy~ said...

well umm, I could use a sugar momma???

terri said...

ohhhh! Crap! Everyone else asked you to be their sugar momma first - If I say anything now, I will just look redundant. :(

But seriously...guess what? We really CAN go tear up the town now. Your fundage and my freshly minted bad morals. :)

Say it's a date...

AlabamaGal said...

Congratulations on the pay raise!



Haphazardkat said...

How's your son doing??
How's the new supervisor job?

By the way I am putting my blog in private mode. If you wish to still view it, please drop me a line at katscratchings@yahoo.com and I'll add you :) It's a pain in the ass I know. Sorry...but necessary.

Slick said...

Job keeping you busy??!