There's no such thing as a free lunch...

...oh, wait a minute: yes, there is!

I frequent a Mexican restaurant outside the gates of Ft. Rucker, where the nachos are smothered under six pounds of cheese and the Coronas never end. When possible, I schedule work lunches there, and occasionally meet dates (one week, I met three different men there for lunch - it was a fluke, seriously).

Today, as I was waiting in line to pay, the owner came over and told me how grateful he was for all the business I brought - and told me lunch was on him. Next step? Bar tab...


Wiz's Wench said...

Last time I was in Newport...I went to lunch with my good doctor at a lil Thai place and then dinner to the same place with the DragonLord...the owner's eyebrows shot up and he said 'oh, you back'. I mighta had a moment if I hadn't already told the Dragon I'd had lunch there.

You doing ok? I think the break up was long overdue...Wiz has some of those same 'wonderful' qualities and altho I adore him beyond breath...well, nobody's perfect.

the mouse

Colleen said...

WW: I suppose I could be a little picky, but...it's about damn time! ;)

terri said...


That doesn't bode well for me, Indi. I am getting all invoooolvvvved - and if you and I are going to operate in parallel realities doesn't that mean that I have to break up, too?

I would like to help with getting the bar tab high enough to qualify as a thank you when erased, BTW. Yes, I would. :)