Groundhog Day with Elvis

It occurs to me, as I sit here wrapped in a towel in a hotel room in Memphis, with my clothes hanging over the bathtub, that I should have had more foresight to choose clothes (or deodorant or a comb), instead of books, when informed that my suitcase was 3 lbs. overweight during check in. That suitcase is probably now in Montgomery, Alabama. Alas, I am not.

Flights were grounded, cancelled and delayed due to the tropical storm in the Southeast. I've never been afraid to fly, though I'm starting to dread hours spent at gates and definitely see a pattern with routes through Memphis.

I was in St. Louis last week for a drinking/work conference (bonus: discovering an amazing brewery with my friend Mel), which I parlayed into a weekend visit to Wisconsin to see my friend Holly. I couldn't ask for more fun or better friends, but after ten days out of town, I wanna go home...


Mike said...

Given the typical humidity one finds in Memphis this time of year, I'm thinking your clothes are probably going to be damp at best by the time you check out. Don't you just love the smell of mildew in the morning?

wiz's wickedwillingwench said...

I find the airline conspiracy to run directly through Philadelphia myself. Maybe they're expanding operations.

I was SUPPOSED to go back to Mass on Aug 12 but have been delayed by doctor's orders and I am soooo homesick and miserable. Yeah, sleepin in yer own bed is nicest even if you've just been to Disneyworld.

da mouse

cort said...

I have a wonderful idea! Come to CO...DIA is an all weather INTL airport! Wait. Unless it rains. Or snows. Or hails. Or sleets. But - if it's sunny, DIA is open for business!!

I think it's romantic that you chose books, Indi.


Colleen said...

Mike: DAMP was definitely the word of the day! I asked to switch rooms twice because I'm not used to the smell of fresh mildew.

Mouse: this weather can't be helping the airlines - I hope you get to return home soon!

Terri: my sister just moved to Denver last month...we could have so much fun!

junquedujour said...

well there you were in the northeast corner of misery and me in the southwest corner.
so did you make a bounce down to tunica whilst in memphis?
hmmm, doesn't seem gambling was the priority here tho :)

sooooo glad to see you back!