Mel says he can't live without my photos.

Perhaps I exaggerate.

[One of the bridges near the Market Street Brewery in St. Louis, which I didn't need to cross to get to my hotel room, fortunately. The tricky part will be to submit my expense report to the corporate office to explain the quantity of "brew" taken there. They should be more specific regarding sustenance]


junquedujour said...

i've only been on the beltway of st. louis -- it looked like an old dirtyDirtyDIRTY city, and not very 'welcoming'. but then, i didn't get to visit any of the micro brews -- perhaps i would have a different thought.

who the hell is scheduling the sites for your conferences??? the midwest in august? what the fuck were they thinking?

Haphazardkat said...

Hurrah!! You're back!
I love your photos, too :)

stephen said...

C -

Great photo's - would like to see it IRL but I don't travel west much - it's either north or extreme south. Screw the expense report, your drank what you wanted isn't that the point of a menu in the first place. :)

Keep kicking ass, and remember I love ya!

Always Your Friend -

cort said...

holy criminy...I could have sworn I left a comment the last time I was here...hmm.

And I would like to know about Mel.


daffodilmouse said...

I've always enjoyed yer photos. And Junque's comments are disconcerting coz I'm scheduled to go to St Louis in a few months to meet my new 'mother in law'. Now I'm scared for two reasons!

Colleen said...

Brenda: next year's is in San Diego, so I'll cut them some slack...

You all are too kind - and seemingly stuck with me. :)