I am so incredibly irked at Northwest Airlines and their malfunctioning air carriers right now! Rage-filled, am I!

Last week, we (somehow) arrived at the airport in Montgomery on time, only to discover that Northwest had cancelled our flights and rebooked the next day at dawn's early light. We spontaneously decided to drive two hours further, to Atlanta, because we are nothing, if not a family bonded together by spontaneous road trips. Two of our rescheduled tickets were upgraded to first class, which made the extra travel more tolerable. Free drinks and extra-large leather seats go a long way.

Quin-la-palooza was fantastic, and Patrick stayed an extra week in Michigan bonding with my parents. I was driving up to Montgomery to pick him up tonight, when he called to tell me his flight had been cancelled. I'm all for adventure and spending quality time apart, but stranding my 18-year old son in Memphis, Tennessee? Irreprehensible.

When they say "it's not the destination, but the journey",  I'm guessing they never flew Northwest Airlines.


Zen and the Art of Graduation

Patrick's graduation took place without incident, mostly because I was the perfect pseudo-adult when interacting with Ed and his father as we stood outside on my driveway for fifteen minutes discussing auto maintenance. I had told him that he could bring his live-in girlfriend if he wanted, that's how much I was over him, but he wisely chose not to.

Three-day BamaJam is headed to my small Alabama town for three days. Included in the line-up are Hank Williams Jr., ZZ Topp, Lynrd Skynrd and a crapload of other country music stars. I'm not sure, but I don't think I could care less.