Get. Over. It.

I had almost forgotten about this loop in my brain. A cd with only one track: play, repeat, play, repeat. Anxiety in the cul de sac, to the pit of my stomach with no place else to go.

All I wanted was to get a free online copy of my credit report, but somewhere admidst the social security numbers and secret questions, I managed to pull my ex-husband's report. I couldn't help but notice that he refinanced his joint mortgage of $418,000 in October. Google maps showed his homestead on a creek, on an island near Savannah with his own dock. There were no satellite images of his wife sunning herself, but when I dialed the number on the report, hoping to hear her voice, I discovered it was only his cell phone. If they didn't live 6 hours and 31 minutes away, I would be driving by their house at this very minute.

I'm obsessing. And nauseous. I don't know if I'm more jealous of his $15,000 jetski, or the fact that he found love. Oh, wait a minute: IT DOESN'T MATTER! Stop, brain. Please, please stop.


terri said...

Oh. Criminy. I am very upset now, too.

But may I remind you (as you would me) that the house and jetski won't make him a better husband! She will just have more to take if she decides to say "when"...


We could do a drive-by if you want.


Anonymous said...

I know you won't read this as you're currently hiding out the back of his place in a bin but I think, given time, and some electric shock negative association therapy, that we could cure you.

ColleenQ said...

terri: when can you get here? I'm thinking more of a "park in the driveway" than drive by...

monty: better make mine a double session.

Haphazardkat said...

He's probably up to his ears in debt and laying awake, impotent from the stress its causing him in this economy.

How's that for a new track on your mental CD? :D