Love hurts, but dating maims

I gracefully slid into my date's BMW, trying not to get boot drippage from the rain on his floor mats, when he closed the door on my shins.

We had one drink apiece at several locations (?), before we headed to dinner. As his eyes started watering and itching, my date said, "There must've been something in my meal. I'm allergic to blue cheese, peanuts..."

Me: "I tried giving my coworker a ride in my car once, but he was so allergic to cats, he couldn't even ride in my fur-filled car!"

My date: "...and cats."


Darren said...

If you are going to keep this one, you might want to consider shaving your pussies.

I just had to say that.

Anonymous said...

I just spit my drink all over my computer reading Darren's comment. Nicely put!

Hang in there CQ, beemer drivin', sickly momma's boys are always a handful! -moflo

Haphazardkat said...

F'n Darren!!! I almost pee'd myself (at work) laughin!!!!!!

terri said...

I was here earlier, and I wrote something really witty and quite funny.

But I guess it didn't stick - and I am completely out of witty and funny things to say!


Didja keep him? :)

ColleenQ said...

Darren: nope, tried it. And boy are those pussies pissed! ;)

Moflo: still...it was a lovely dark blue beemer...

Terri: I'm thinking it was mutual that we decided not to date or speak again...