Mourning has broken, like the first mourning

A funeral. Yeah, that was the best place for me today. Standing outside in unseasonably cold, 38 degree Montgomery, Alabama at my friend's mother's Methodist funeral, mouthing the words to Amazing Grace. Who knew?

The couple had been married 53 years...and I think I'm mourning? (an email to Ed this weekend: "'Til death do us part...did you forget? Fucker." And I wonder why I was unsuccessful at wooing him back?)


Anonymous said...

Bloody Google's fault. Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Mail, Google Latitude, Google Cook me Dinner Then Afterwards Perhaps A Light Foot Massage....

You'd think they could manage to invest some time to make Google I'll-Hold-On-To-This-Email-'Til-The-Morning-When-You-May-Realise-You-Might-Not-Want-To-Send-It-Afterall.


terri said...

LOL 99!

"You said you'd love me 'til you died, but YOU'RE STILL ALIVE - and I'm here to remind youoooo..."

Perhaps some pissed off Alanis will help...:)

Laoch of Chicago said...

How sad.

53 years is unimaginable though. How on earth can one come up with new things to say to each other for such an eternity?

ColleenQ said...

Monty: you ARE brilliant! They can make a morning after pill, but not a morning after email?

Terri: I might happen to have my own dance to accompany that song!

Laoch: that's over 19,000 mornings of waking up to the same face...yikes!