Welcome Back, Google!

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of being internet-less for several months was the unanswered questions. What's my credit card balance? Is there really a new Depeche Mode CD? What do baby bats eat? What movie is next in my Netflix queue? Are round trip tickets to Italy on sale? What's the value of my General Motors stock (sometimes ignorance really is bliss).

All in all, a successful experiment, though money spent at the coffee shop probably could've paid the internet bill. And? My neighbors should stop selfishly putting passwords on their wireless connections. 


Darren said...

All this time I thought you had found some chopper pilot to wisk you away.

deadites said...

Did you have match.com withdrawals? Hahahaha.. that comment cracked me up.

ColleenQ said...

Darren: yeah, that could've happened...NEVER!

Deadites: You'd be surprised how many hot, sexy 72 year olds that can't spell and live in my area. ;)