The Way You Move, Soft and Slippery

I find it particularly amusing to list my son's phone number/email address in lieu of my own, when obligated to fill the blanks. Surely, he's amused when the pharmacist calls to tell him my prescriptions are ready, or the mortgage payment is overdue.

His dad recently (and accidentally, yeah right) "discovered" Patrick's Facebook account by searching through 38 pages of same-named teenage boys, then threatened to stop paying tuition if the account wasn't cancelled or removed (proving the theory: once a control freak, always an asshole). It seems like part of acceptance involves, well, acceptance. Shouldn't he try focusing more on recording his new wife's phone conversations, instead? It's almost like some people refuse to learn life's lessons.

I'm actually Patrick's "friend" on Facebook, which is flattering, in a way, that he feels comfortable being his drunken, obnoxious self in front of me.

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Divorced fugitive with favorite parent status: 1


terri said...

I am taking unreasonable delight in your status.

It's not even my battle - but I feel like we are winning. Or something.

My ex-husband is (of just last weekend) FB friends with my daughters (both of them - even the one that isn't his!), all of my coworkers and excoworkers (he doesn't even know most of them!), my family (who is repulsed by him) and now even...myself. Ugh.

He makes such an ass of himself with his postings, though. It is hard not to encourage his awkward developmentally disabled way of signing all his communique with "lol". It brings me a perverse joy to know that other people get to see what I protected them from for all those years...:)

ColleenQ said...

terri: yep, I say let him shine!

"LOL" - seriously? I cringe, shudder, and fight the urge to break up with people guilty of this tragic crime....

Laoch of Chicago said...

I always list my address as 1060 W Addison Street (which of course is actually Wrigley Field). Every once in a while someone gets it and is amused.

Having your son befriend you is a good sign I think although it must be a bit trainwrecky to read it.

the wild mouse said...

I don't WANT to be my daughter's friend...it just leads to things like her telling me (Friday night) 'gee, mom, we're such good friends, i can tell you...I had me some GREAT sex last night!' If YOU don't wanna see your parents naked, they don't wanna see YOU either!!! I can't decide whether i'm more flattered or horrified.

ColleenQ said...

Laoch: "trainwrecky" is my new favorite word...

Wild Mouse: Um...no, that would be horrifying!