Anonymous Alcoholic

Two projects for a new and improved me. No deadline and graded on a curve.

1. Self esteem. Get more.
2. Obsessing. Do less.

I saw James' colonel at my gym yesterday, on my stairclimber. I didn't ask her about the snake she's dating, if her divorce is final, or how the date went with Crazy Dan. I've practically moved past it altogether. Sure, I can share.

One memory I play over and over, however: when James and I flew to Michigan one weekend to pack all his belongings and haul the crap down to Alabama, I offered to go to the liquor store on the corner so he could continue loading the truck. He pitched in some money, told me the name of the hard-to-find Brazilian Rum we loved, and said, "don't tell the store owner you know me."

Huh. I keep wondering how someone with a big, fat ego would interpret that comment. Could I just take the hit and stop obsessing about it, at least?


Laoch of Chicago said...

He just did not want the store owner to tell you bad things about him. Manipulators always work hard to control information.

Haphazardkat said...

What? That's F'd up! Why would a store clerk even think to ask if you knew him?
Major ego.

terri said...

He is the only one who usually buys that brand there, and he had already passed around some story about how he had quit drinking - for the sake of a better world - and he didn't want the store owner to know that he was really a big, fat, lying blow-hard.

There are more theories like that where that one came from.


Bender's Better Brother said...

Ah, forget about obsessing. Be positive. How would your employer feel if you stuck a load of fire lighters under his car? Would it get you into trouble? If not do that and don't give it another thought.

ColleenQ said...

I still think he was embarrassed to be linked to me, since he was always talking about hot, ex-gf's...his loss! :)

Babe said...

Hind sight... makes you wish you had asked the owner huh?
take care