Approximately 4" of snow in Southern Alabama - no kidding. I'd like to say I was excited for all the people living here that have never seen snow, but in the future I recommend they take a trip North. I'm boycotting the damn stuff.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Some years there is no escape.

junquedujour said...

i hear ya sista - the snow sucks!

Alabama-TexasGal said...

That is a cute picture!

Snow does suck in Alabama. Mainly because nobody is used to driving in it and life becomes a heck a lot more dangerous during those times.

Also, everybody freaks out like there is a blizzard arriving and there is no loaf bread at the grocery stores. Well, those were my snow experiences in AL anyhow...
Big hug, Hope you are well stocked with hot chocolate!

~Vital~ said...

Agree totally

Babe said...

LOL Glad you survived the snow. Good to see you're still posting lovely lady!
xoxo Babe aka Candy