Son of a Beach

[Henderson Beach, near Destin]

I live an hour and a half away from the white, sandy beaches of Destin and Panama City - it's what has made Alabama bearable for 5 years. I know the best places to eat (Harbor Dock), shop (Destin), drink (Red Door), play miniature golf to get the $50 on the last hole, and get tattoos.

I keep saying I should go to the beach one last time...but I'm afraid I may be too late.


terri said...

Very powerful pictures.

Powerful words, too. "...afraid I may be too late" upsets me.

I hope things get back to normal there verrrrry soon.

junquedujour said...

tweaking the blog background i see. it's tricky isn't it -- i'm thinking you don't use firefox

junquedujour said...

it's working now - just a li'l sluggish - i'll just r e a d a
l i t t l e b i t s l o o o w e r

ColleenQ said...

terri: I feel like our planet has been murdered, and it's affecting every part of life here in the SE.

Brenda: I use Safari...does it look crazy? Or just slow? (the difference is more between PC's and Macs, I think).

kittycatlane said...

A beautiful beach and ocean are 2 of a very short list of what calms and soothes my soul. This is so sick, there are no words.

Thanks for the appreciation of my babies! I think they are perfect, but I am a bit prejudiced. I'm up to 13 furry babies now. Having 5 would seem like some one was missing! (Great to hear from ya!) BIG HUGS,Steph
bit bit

junquedujour said...

it looks cool - it's a gorgeous photo in the background - it's just not as "snappy" as it was before the background image.


i have the same issue on jock's site - but as you can see, it has not stopped me from visiting.

kittycatlane said...

Hi, I'm back to do come catch up reading. (As much as my 3 yr old grandson will let me anyway)
He lives with us now, and I had forgotten just how much trouble/naughtiness/damage/dangerous/destruction/etc etc. a 3 yr old can do!
Going back to a post where the jerk didn't get you... how dull and boring must he be? I have always found you funny and interesting, not to mention witty. Soooo his not getting you leads me to conclude that he's one huge boring asshole. There are assholes all over the place, IF you like them, at least look for a witty, intelligent one... lol
I guess my time is up for now. I had planned on vising DavidShag and Laoch but, Gauge is chasing kittens that need to be rescued. BIG HUGS, Steph

Kelly said...


Is the background in your blog, the Cliffs of Mohar from Ireland? Looks like it. It was my favorite part of Ireland... well that and the people.


ColleenQ said...

Brenda: once you go mac, you never go back (I don't have problems with any sites loading and am immune against most malware and viruses).

Steph: a 3 year old grandson? I'm so envious...(and he'll keep you young!). I whole-heartedly agree about the boring asshole - who needs someone else to make you feel bad about yourself? I do that enough on my own.

Kelly: sadly, I've never been to Ireland! I loved the juxtaposition of the background cliff with my header drop off....