[San Xavier Mission Church in Tucson, Arizona]

I complain about my job (often and enthusiastically), but that's because I'm understaffed (who am I kidding? I don't have a staff). I am, however, allowed to attend conferences and training in fabulous locations, where shopping, casinos and alcohol flow freely. Michigan for the weekend, oh baby!


Laoch of Chicago said...

I've spent a bunch of time in Michigan and never heard anyone express such enthusiasm for going there (except maybe going to the UP).

Nonetheless, party on!

terri said...

I know you won't come to CO, but maybe a neighboring state where alchohol flows just as well as Michigan?? I will drive - I don't mind...

ColleenQ said...

Laoch: you've obviously never met my family - they'd make Kansas fun!

terri: start driving, just head east =:)