"I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process." - Vincent van Gogh

I've had two years to update my installation's Hazardous Waste Management Plan, hauling papers in a notebook around the country in order to be prepared for unplanned spare time or a missed flight (I've apparently had neither).

The first draft needs to be submitted this afternoon. Is the thrill of procrastinating so rewarding? Or is my plan that boring? Maybe I could call it a cliffhanger by skipping the last few sections?


Tony said...

Colleen: Go for the cliffhanger. Then surprise them with a deus ex machina

ColleenQ said...

TQ:...and perhaps the introduction of an antihero?

Laoch of Chicago said...

You need some minions.

terri said...

Wait- how did you not miss any flights? Are you changing things up??