Um...no, I wasn't really looking for a "mof*ckin thug"

YES! I finally have my internet fix to satisfy my needs at home...work's another story and I don't want to discuss it because I get all worked up and decide I'm going to quit, which I can't afford to do without a practical Plan B. I owe 4,941 emails, I haven't slept since last Saturday, and I need a stiff drink, BUT...did I mention I have cable internet again?

Sometimes, though, funny things happen when you share a computer. I wasn't TRYING to snoop, but I discovered my teenage son's blog tonight. Burning questions: why the hell doesn't he know how to spell? Punctuation is optional nowadays? Do I want to know what Turkish Jades are? Vanilla ICE?! Would it be okay to turn HIM into social services?

By the way, the punk's entry had fifteen comments....



well im updating lol

my history book says alabama edition on it and i was thinking what that meant......i guess it means they just basically took out all the civil rights movement and martin luther king shit out but who knows

well i wanted to buy the new vanilla ice cd that came out yesterday but they didnt have it so i bought soopa villianz lol. but that woulda been the shit if they had vanilla ice because he is awsome!!

got some turkish jades today after school im pretty excited

assleys boobs looked really good yesterday.

im horny

well i guess ima go


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