Wave goodbye - see my heart so blue. Wave goodbye - lost for you...

Apparently, a wonderful friend of mine thought I was on suicide watch yesterday and sent the sweeetest email telling me how fabulous I am (okay, he didn't use that word, but it would have fit - next time, 'k?). He told me things I said to him ten years ago still have an impact on his thinking and he values our friendship every waking moment (I'm paraphrasing)! If I could, I'd post his whole letter because it made me feel THAT good - I'm needy like that and a little bit of praise goes a long, long way - but that would probably just be for my benefit. Still, his timing was impeccable and I'M the fortunate one to have him in my life. Damn hillbilly.

I think our choices in friends says a lot about us...my son has befriended a great 16 year old named "D" (because J, P and D are entirely too cool for whole names). They played Halo here part of the weekend, and when I ordered pizza, he offered to go pick it up so I wouldn't have to tip the driver - this is beyond thoughtful by teen male standards. He spent the summer in Spain with relatives and can actually hold up his end of a conversation.

D. has a congenital heart defect, making his life expectancy around 25 years. There is a surgery he's elected to have next month - it's only been performed four hundred times or so, and the odds of surviving it are 50/50. I can't fathom having to make this decision...knowing I could die before graduating high school; that this could possibly be my last month alive...wondering if I'm making the right decision....if I'm sure I want to risk everything.

I have no answers. Instead, I gaze at his sweet, young face and ask him if he wants another Coke.

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