Deck the halls with Buddy Holly

I'm completely over Christmas, especially in conjunction with the US Postal Service Mafia. I spend holidays alone, or with my son, and easily spend over $100 to send gifts to loved ones in other parts of the country, where they open the crap, without me. My dad & I agreed that we've had enough of the so-called holiday spirit, rushing around, and last minute, guaranteed-to-get-there-on-time shipping fees. This Summer, we're meeting in Vermont, or somewhere equally random, to spend "Christmas" in July in a different state drinking beer together. Fa la la la la.


Hopelessly Aporetic said...

Hey Colleen (or is it "bubba keg?"), you gone off the grid or what? Us blog-voyeurs are missing our daily dose of Indigo...


Lorna said...

Where are you? I go away for a couple of months and everyone is gone (or dying) when I come back.
Email me and let me know you're still kicking