Which doctor

I'm still not sure if I had food poisoning, a stomach virus, or cat scratch fever this week, but I was horizontal for thirty straight hours.

I told my son I'd probably be dead before he returned from work, but if I could have one last wish, it would be for a McDonald's strawberry shake. I even told him he could drive my car, take all the money in my purse, and keep the change.

He told me dairy products would make it worse, brought me a glass of water with a straw (when I wouldn't stop whining), and KEPT THE MONEY anyway!


TQ said...

I'm begining to question Patrick's motives when it comes to money...a pack of p-nut m&m's $5.00??? What an extourtionist (SP?!)

CQ said...

At least I didn't have to buy him beer ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just shot today's beverage through my nose! ~M~

CQ said...

M: Bud Light? At 10 a.m.?? ;)