Copper lining

My son always uses my first name when he's irrate or pissed off, which is about 93% of the time, as far as I can figure.

"Colleen," he said two weeks ago, on the phone, "your house is trashed and everything is gone."

"What? WHAT?! Don't touch anything - I'll be right there."

I geared up for a mini-tirade after I dialed 9-1-1 and the operator asked for my husband's name. "Oh, right," I thought, "I'm some helpless, fair maiden without the means to support myself or buy my OWN house in this hillbilly, backwoods...er, my son Patrick probably already called in, didn't he?"

Some good news?

1. Three eighteen year old boys were arrested the other day, hopefully putting an end to our small town crime spree, and I can almost fall asleep without worrying that they'll come back for the other half of the miter saw they left behind.

2. Our dog's probabation period is almost up. Did she offer to hold the door open for them?

3. Cleaning a clutter/game/electronic-free home takes hardly any time at all. Who needs a yard sale?

4. My insurance company reimbursed the full cost of my laptops, not what they would be worth today, and I can once again surf my favorite internet watering holes. Latest curse word, however: Vista (as in "damn Vista!").

5. The $14.70 I claimed for the stolen case of bud light? They reimbursed that, and I upgraded to Corona.


ms. biped said...

wow. that really sucks! i wish i had something more profound than that to say. but... what an awful feeling to know someone busted in and went through your stuff. i don't know what i'd do if my laptop disappeared.

congratulations on the corona, at least.

AM said...

At least they did it when you weren't there, the house is still standing and you got new goodies. Hopefully nothing irreplaceable was taken.

Darren said...

SUCKAGE! You been da robbed!
aNY LOWLiFE WHO STEALS THE INTERNET LIFELINE should be subjected to just the end scenes of CSI:Miami with David Caruso witty one-liners for the rest of enternity!!!!!

Yes Vista sucks. Tons of hardware doesn't work with it and it is still riddled with security flaws but the constant prompting if you are sure you want to do something was MS' way to make you thinnk it was secure.

Missed you my dear - hope all else is well.

um er I tried to send you an email and it got rejected... I thought the restraining order wasn't supposed to go in affect till July.

Darren said...

oh one more thing... Did they steal any of your underwear? I ran across this the other day and I thought of you for some reason.


Say Anything said...

P: yeah, after my sister's apt. was broken into over Christmas, she kept telling me how "violated" she felt and I thought she was being a drama queen. Apparently not because I felt the same way.

AM (Monty?): the last time I backed up photos/songs from my laptop was Sept. '06, but they were mostly bar photos anyway. Surely I'll get more. ;)

Darren: haha, those are great! Keep an eye out for mine on ebay. ;)

Lorna said...

That is such a shame. Hopefully those boys are the culprits and they get more than a slap on the wrist. It does sound like your dog's not much of a watchdog. It might have barked but if it doesn't have much of a bite they would have known right away. My dog will bark at rabbits she sees out in the yard but smiles at whom ever comes to the door. If anyone ever breaks into my house I'm hoping they look like Harvey from that old Jimmy Stewart movie.

benders said...

AM=monty. Yep, was flicking between accounts. Realised too late.

You can use a free Windows utility called Sync toy to back up folders to the same or other networked PCs. Very lazy backup. Check it.

benders said...

Crap, did the same thing again! Twat.

Oh, and the bar pics. I think it's safe to say it won't take long to replace them.

junquedujour said...

welcome home honey!
so glad you made it back in one piece!

re: upgraded beer -- have ya tried any of the wheat beers? I find them a nice refreshing change

t said...

Haven't stopped in for awhile.. so sorry to hear of the as*holes that burglarized your home. It's happened to me, several years ago. I had really taken my stuff for granted. They took everything of any value.. even a set of antique gold-handled sewing scissors. No insurance. Good thing you have that. Good thing you thought of the case of beer.. ;)

kay said...

"I leave you alone for ONE HOUR, and this is the crap that..."

That might have been MY initial reaction to news like that from A Son. And even AFTER the police came, I would still have been eyeing him suspiciously and making veiled threats about "watching for any expensive new toys suddently appearing..."

I'm just hateful like that.

Was any of your stuff recovered, or was it all pawned off for weed?

I hope this finds you well, my friend, and I'm still waiting for a phone call from you. Just to chat.

Take care --

kay said...

Oh. I made up a new word, apparently: suddently.

Quite nice, don't you think?