Is that in Euros?

I've always wondered how much my life is worth - now I know:


(I'm guessing there was a substantial service charge for the emergency crew having to tolerate my sister's bossiness. When she walked into my house to see me strapped to the gurney, with so many men in blue standing around with their arms crossed, she told them to put their arms by their sides, "Why are we standing like this, when we should be standing like this?" She also insisted on riding in the ambulance, so they let her in the front seat. She didn't, fortunately, demand to drive).


bender's said...

You'd think they'd knock off the .22 wouldn't ya?

Arms crossed? Were they Cossacks?

Darren said...


kay said...

The crossed arms has me wondering, too.

Why weren't they DOING something, like loading you up and driving away?

Clearly, they needed one more bossy woman there to advise them.

(And I wouldn't have guessed Euros. I'd have guesses 1,000s, like RPMs.)

Teresa said...

Your sis is hilarious!

Sarah said...

The crossed arms is pretty tell-tale of our volunteer fire company.

I love your sister.

Say Anything said...

Monty: Two is my lucky number - must be why they added the .22

Darren: Let's try Italian lira to make me feel more valuable ;)

Kay: see, that's why you should live in MY tinytown.

Teresa & Sarah: I'm on her good side, thankfully!