· In the middle of a"can't-sleep-or-eat" phase, I got up at the crack of dawn and watched the extremely powerful movie Freedom Writers. I wish my passion - the cats - could graduate someday.

· My car sales manager, Mitch, who found my dream car for me two years ago, called today. He said he missed me since my driver's side door leak had been repaired and I no longer brought it in for service every month. Really? Because I was kind of thinking how great it was not to discover a foot of water on the floor every time it rained. He asked me to play golf and have a few beers on the course with him, but I told him I didn't know how (to golf. Obviously, I excel at drinking beer) and had no clubs. He offered to buy me a set so we could play, which I find a bit odd, especially considering the fact that he didn't give me that great of a deal on the car.

· I then managed to misplace my cell phone, tried calling it from another phone, but dialed the wrong number. Imagine both of our surprise when someone answered and I asked what they were doing with my phone.

· A guy I used to "date" (a term I use loosely since we live six hours apart and manage much better as friends) in Baton Rouge might be interested in buying the engagement ring from my ex to give to his fiancee...am I officially a redneck?


Haphazardkat said...

Oh lord--HA HA HA HA!! The picture in my mind of the look on your face when you misdialed your cellphone number!
and the ring....I gotta say...you have the most unique things happen to you!!
Annnnd..(one more and) The car dude is obviously trying to get you out on a DATE!! Is he cute?

kay said...

Mitch is a bit...zealous, don't you think? (Not, of course, that you're not worth a zealot's time, but BUYING you a set of clubs [especially when you don't know how to golf] seems a bit extreme, unless he's just. that. wealthy. In which case, what're you waiting for?!?)

Did you ever find your phone?

And regarding the ring: No, no, no! You're no redneck! Or possible lesbian. You're making lemonade, and all that other "positive-spin" crap. With the money you earn, I believe you should go shopping for a stylishly skanky new outfit, or perhaps a fun weekend away in Minnesota with some friends!

Bring Hilary.

dawwen said...

likely excuse - misplaced your cell phone. just admit it, you were avoiding me... cause it is all about ME.... hahahahahaha

bender's better brother said...

Bittersweet Symphony, I spent 2 or 3 years partying while under the influence of alcohol and substances with that always playing somewhere in the background.

Oh, and Mitch seems a mile too keen. Tell him you're not into golf but you've had your eye on a Gucci bag for a week or two.

stephen said...

New set of clubs and all that, he clearly wants more than you as a golf buddy. Is he worth the trouble or just annoying?


JustJock said...

happy "you know what day," quindigo-go. welcome to oldfartsville.

kay said...

Damn! I thought your "you know what day" was today! It's not Aug. 3???

Why do I think that it's Aug. 3?!?

Shit. Missed it.

Hope it was tolerable.

junquedujour said...

Oh yes, I did miss it -- well not really, I was thinking about you on the 2nd how I really should get on here and send you an email or, at the very least, a note to your blog about your BIRTHDAY.

Don't ya hate those pesky things? And what's really irritating is when others remember them.

Now, with all that said, I sure hope you got to be naughty on your birthday. ;^)

Say Anything said...

Haphazard: by "unique", you must mean FREAKISHLY BIZARRE!

Kay: I'm waiting for Mitch to tell me he's: 1) married; 2) gay; 3) both.

Darren: I'm the captain of the Irish Drinking Team - how could I avoid you?? ;)

Monty: truthfully, the whole cd should be in the Smithsonian for being so amazing...hope you didn't get a hangover from listening.

Stephen: I HAVE always wanted to find a sport I could drink and tan while doing...

Jock: are you finally going to share your wrinkle cream with me?

Kay: you were probably thinking of my cat Summer - she was born on the 3rd. ;)

Brenda: thanks for remembering, damn you. ;)

Steph said...

Tell me you replaced the diamonds with cubics before you gave it back....
So, did you give Mitch a go? BIG HUGS, Steph