Honey darlin' sweetheart

As a strong, independent, no-nonsense kind of Yankee, this is a bit difficult to admit, but...I kind of like being called "baby".


Psycho killer, qu'est que c'est said...

How about sugar-lips?

AlabamaGal said...

yo tambien..

mi gusta mucho... bebe. :)


stephen said...

Oh Baby, your the best. I'm glad I found you again in blogland. I think we need to put a teather on your ankle or something to keep track of you, baby. >:-)


Say Anything said...

Robert Smith/David Byrne: is this an Echo and the Bunnymen reference? Are we ready for our 80's music face off?? ;)

Michelle: Excellente!

Stephen: you might be onto something with that teather idea...pink leather, baby?

Steph said...

I seem to have that kind of face or effect. I get called all of those, by men and women.
It was strange though, a very young southwest airlines employee called me "baby"... just felt weird.
I won't call ya 'baby' but I will pinch your ass...