House of Biloxi

How is it possible that I'd get two invitations to go to Biloxi, Mississippi to go gambling for the weekend by two different men?

Is Venus rising over the first house of Leo, or was the timer set for my implanted chip to start emitting steak-scented pheromones on my 40th birthday?


Darren said...

Maybe on your 40th you have officially changed to MILF status?

btw:I would have changed your tire for you.

bendersbetterbrother said...

Pick the one who can spell Mississippi without ah-ing or um-ing. Or the one with most money. Yep, shallow always wins with me.

kittycatlane said...

This is a bad thing... why?
If it's for gambling I'd go with Monty's recommendation.

junquedujour said...

You must put out ... ALOT

call me ;^)

stephen said...

LOL at Brenda!!!

You're a popular gal apparently Q!!! I wish I were asked by two different guys to go gamble and create some other sins.

Peace -

Say Anything said...

Darren: you would have given me your car because I would have batted my eyelashes and bribed you with 80's music ;)

Monty: they're both Irish, so I picked the crazier of the pair. Seemed logical at the time...

Steph: At least neither are allergic to cats - I already asked!

Brenda: I'm thinking it must be the lure of my lucky tattoo...yep, that's my story! ;)

Stephen: just be thankful you don't have to leave the STATE to have fun...