I might be twisted. My sister TQ showed up at my house last night, suffering from her freshly broken heart and weighing about 88 pounds - I'm so envious! She tends to get sad and anxious, which prevents her from eating - and also makes her a cheap date at the bar. When I saw her, I realized I needed a strong bout of depression, myself, because I've been happy for 3 months and happy equals fat in my food-is-tied to everything world.

Sorta-boyfriend Christian is out of town in a week-long fishing tournament in Georgia so TQ and I headed to the bar and met up with some of my ex-coworkers.

This morning, as I was wandering around in last night's wet clothes, with my hair sticking out at right angles, looking frantically for my work cell phone (my personal cell phone died recently and I still haven't been able to find that one, which is somewhere in the house, I'm sure of it!), my 17 year old son passed in the hallway and said, "You know you're an adult, right?"


Sarah said...

We would be dangerous at a bar together. I'm convinced.

stephen said...

Your sister isn't the only cheap date, at least I'm "unexpensive". We went to the Sharks Club on M-59 in Waterford and I had three, count um, three Sprite's with lime. Am I pathetic or WHAT!!! Actually I'm on meds and they don't mix with booze - however Ken did get sorta plasterd - it was his birthday so I let him indulge a bit.

Don't be going and getting depressed, you'd have to go out and buy all new clothes to show your ass off! :)

Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Reverse psychology, works every time

CQ said...

Sarah: especially if you were taking photos!

Stephen: that's why I'm thankful I self-medicate...there's nothing to mix with my booze! ;)

Monty: it mostly only sucks when he's right...

Wiz's Wench said...

I have often considered the 'cigarette and booze til I look like Kate Moss' diet. But, damn it...they still make POTATO CHIPS!!

the mouse