Single White Leo

How come I'm always dating someone on their birthday, dropping hard-earned cash on dinner and a gift, but when my birthday rolls around, I'm alone? Starving and giftless.

I'm guessing this is the real reason singles ask one another their signs before dating.


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have liked the present anyway. And you've been saved the trouble of doing a fake thank-you smile.

p.s. so is it your birthday?

Slick said...

Yeah, is it your birthday??

I'd start lying from now on. Like, you know...on the first date, tell them your birthday is a week away. Make sure you get you some stuff next time!

Quindigo said...

Monty: nope, it was Christian's birthday, and he has a shiny new digital camera and a leather frame with a photo of us. I'm wondering if psychologically I'm thinking of them as parting gifts when I give them....

Slick: yeah - adding years. I need another birthday like I need another cat! ;)

Wiz's Wench said...

send me your birthday and mailing address...i will make you feel very special on your day...it's what i do. :) And I do it well, just ask wiz.

the mouse


junquedujour said...

good God! they still ask a sign? I thought that went out with the 70's.

oops - there I go dating myself again