A picture is worth...more than 6 words

Apparently, I should be more specific when posting my latest employment news and a photo from a long weekend in North Carolina with my platonic, yard boy boyfriend*. The new job is still in Alabama - the government equivalent of the position I currently hold. There'll be way more responsibility, and slightly less pay, but at least I'll still be working incredibly long hours. Truth be told, it's been my dream job for years.

*Mike & I have been going out for over two months, but I'm not exactly sure if we're dating. He takes care of my "honey do" list like installing ceiling fans, hanging blinds, and all the yardwork every week, but there's no romance (maybe he's playing hard to get? Sly.).

We drove six hours to his parents' place in North Carolina for a long weekend in the mountains. I can safely say I'll never hike in flip flops again.


AlabamaGal said...

Good luck at your new job and the relationship. ;)


Colleen said...

Thank you, Michelle...I need more than luck with relationships, though. ;)