Driving to the dentist this morning, I was overanalyzing wondering why a man supposedly dating me would suggest/encourage breast implants and hair extensions. Is honesty in a relationship really so great? Would it be so difficult to accept shortcomings without pointing them out first? I found no answers (as it was only a ten minute drive).

I entered the office and was greeted by a woman in line, who turned and said, "I love you."

I knew no one was behind me, so I smiled and hoped she would realize we had never met.

"It's your insides," she said. "They're beautiful - I can tell - and I love you."

I had always wondered if my spleen was ravishing. Fortunately, there were only a few minutes of awkward small talk before they called me back for teeth-cleaning fun. It turns out my insurance company approved a crown for a cracked molar, but the deadline is tomorrow, so the receptionist managed to squeeze me in. Let's hope I'm ushered into the back before enduring more declarations of love or group hugs.


AlabamaGal said...

How awkward that must have been from a stranger! But... she was right. You are beautiful inside and out from what I have known of you these years as a blog devotee of yours. ;) You DO NOT need hair extensions OR breast implants.

I dislike dentist appointments. Hope you are over the pain and discomfort by now of that.

Abrazos bonita,

Colleen said...

Awwww, thanks for being so sweet, Michelle! I'm not a fan of the dentist, either, and I'm starving after only being able to eat yogurt for 2 days!

terri said...


...I love you, too. Always have.

I do NOT love boys who want to accesorize their girls with surgery and fake sh*t. Pffft.

There. I have said my peace.


terri said...

...or is it "I have said my piece"?

Help me with this.

I am confused now.